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Cotton Apothecary

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Heat Pack - Neck Shoulder

Heat Pack - Neck Shoulder

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Cotton Apothecary Neck Shoulder Heat Pack is a great addition to your self care routine, and it is available in two sizes* small and medium 

The multiple sections allow the heat pack to bend and fold, while the filling stays in place so you can use it all over your body including your back or stomach area

Originally designed for the neck shoulder area, with fourteen individual sections it curves naturally with your body for a comfortable fit

The weight of the heat pack is evenly distributed which allows it to sit in ways other heat packs can’t –   one of the only heat packs on the market that sits up on the back on the neck

Easily worn around the neck and shoulder area while you are moving or working as it will stay in place 

Thr heat pack is filled with Lupins it can be used both warm or cool. Whatever your body needs to help soothe yourself

USING HEATED: place the heat pack flat in the microwave, make sure that the Lupins are evenly distributed. Follow the heating instructions that come with the heat pack.

USING COOL: store in the freezer until ready to use.

The body contoured neck shoulder heat pack can be used all over your body. Use on the neck shoulder, wrap around your arms or legs. Place across your stomach and hip area or lower back.

Click here for heat pack heating instructions

Read more about our microwave heat packs here

All of our heat packs are unscented

Designed and Manufactured in South Australia

Colours may vary from screen to actual product. Print placement will vary as each product is cut individually.

WARNING: Lupin contains allergens that may trigger allergic reactions in some people with nut or peanut allergies.

*Images are for reference prints only, actual sizes of heat packs are listed in measurements 


14 individual sections
Measurements: 52 cm long x 10.5 cm wide, approximate weight: 580 gms

14 individual sections
Measurements: 64 cm long x 13 cm wide, approximate weight 950 gms

Fabric & Care Instructions

All Natural Ingredients: cotton fabric, Lupins filling

Use a clean damp cloth to spot clean. Do not launder.

Caution: This product contains small pieces and is not recommended for children.

Follow heating instructions that come with the pack. Do not overheat. Not intended for use while sleeping.

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