Your heat packs are too expensive

Your heat packs are too expensive

They definitely didn’t start out that way. In 2018 they were way to cheap. I undervalued myself and my designs.

People kept saying to me for the quality you are selling them to cheap.

I never factored in my knowledge, experience, time or unique processes that are used the manufacture my products. 

Most of my heat packs are uniquely complicated from multiple sections to the seemlessfinish of each design.

One of the most time consuming processes is the hand sorting of our filling. It takes about an hour to process a kg properly, which takes some heat pack designs up to two hours. 

I have chosen this process because a lot of people I made these heat packs for in the beginning not only had chronic illness and auto immune conditions. They were highly allergic to allergen triggers such as dust and pollens.

If you have ever seen natural feed, you will know how dusty it is, plus it also includes a lot of things that aren’t Lupins. We regularly pull out metal shards, grains and other feed products. 

While we don’t wash and remove all the dust we do remove what shouldn’t be there along with as much dust, broken and holed Lupins as possible.

As broken filling doesn’t heat properly and may results in a shorter life span for you heat pack.

I still have my original design from 2017 which I still use. Although I now have a lot of heat packs and can rotate mine.

This isn’t a side hustle because I can sew. The heat packs were created out of a need for a design where the filling stayed in place. A need that no other heat pack I could find to help with daily chronic pain. 

So when you think about it $59.95 for my neck shoulder for two hours work, or the back heat pack for $99.95 that is three hours work, taking out material, labelling and packaging costs, website and insurance costs, really isn’t that expensive. 




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